What is a First Look?

If you are new to the wedding planning process and have been in few wedding parties, maybe this idea is new to you. Here are the basics...

How A first look with your groom works

  1. Bride sneaks up behind the Groom
  2. Bride taps the groom on shoulder
  3. Groom waits about 3 seconds and turns around to see his beautiful bride
  4. All of the emotions and reality hits.
  5. You reflect with each other and catch up on feelings, the day so far, etc.

Why Should you do a first look?

  • Highlights the fact that he has not seen you up until this point
  • You will have more time before the ceremony
  • It gives you time before the ceremony to be together before entering your crowd of important guests.
  • Gives you both a moment to get super emotional together by yourselves (or with the closest people)
  • Gives you time to enjoy more of cocktail / coffee hour (and the foods that come with it)