A First Look with Dad (or your Brother)

If you are new to the wedding planning process and have been in few wedding parties, maybe this idea is new to you.

Here are the basics...
  1. Bride sneaks up on Dad
  2. Bride taps Dad on shoulder
  3. Dad waits about 3 seconds and turns around to see his baby girl all grown up
  4. All of the emotions and reality hits
  5. You do something meaningful (toast privately, give a gift, tell him something)

Why do a first look with dad or your brother?
  • If they are important to you.
  • To make sure they have a bigger role in your wedding day.
  • This day is important to them.
  • You lost mom and you remind your dad of her
  • You have a dad and a step dad and want to make sure they both feel special and important
  • Except for your dance, dads tend to get lost in the mix on the wedding day.