Rachel A. Andreas

Lead Wedding Photographer

Family Obsessed, Marriage Lover & Dog Mama.

My motivation is nestled in relationships. I love getting to know people from the person at the coffee counter to the couple who I just met for an engagement session. I love introducing people and finding common ground, and giving people things to chat about.

I love making people feel at home. Nothing has to be perfect. Sometimes life is a mess. If you ask me how I am doing, my answer is going to be "Going crazy, but that is my life and I love it".

Photography-wise, I am a wielder of two Nikon Pro-Grade DSLR cameras and 40+ weddings worth of experience. I have done bridal hair and makeup, and worked at a wedding dress shop, and have friends in catering, baking and florals. So if you need help, I understand the whole day.

Genesis 1:27, Romans 3:23, Ephesians 2:7-8

My Team

Each wedding I carefully select a second photographer who will go with me and help me capture the perfect moments for my couple. In the past I have worked with Em Katrina Photography, Black Lili Photography, Megan Luckenbill Photography, Tasha Puckey, Darryl Andreas (My Hubby), and Holly Wilson (a bestie).

If you have anything specific that you want on your wedding day I do my best to make sure that my second shooter's forte and skillset match what we are both looking for.

I have also worked as a second/associate photographer for Amiee Blasko (Our Third Grace), Captured Memories by Jennifer, Julia Scarborough, Heidi Zeigler, Keith Reilly, and Lizzy Jo Photography.

Regular Second Photogs. & Associates

Darryl A.

Rachel's Husband, Lover of a Good Party and Candid Shots. In his free time, Darryl enjoys video gaming, local coffee shops, and researching the newest technology.

Second Shooter

Jillian H.

A Photographer based in Wellsboro, passionate about capturing beautiful love stories. A lover of candids & reaction shots. Jillian is a mom and a wife with a passion for godly marriage.

Associate / Second Shooter

Lauren T.

A Photographer Based in Muncy PA. She is passionate about capturing emotion and has an eye for creative shots. Lauren loves chatting with people and has no problem de-escalating any situations that come her way. She is a mom and wife.

Second Shooter

Holly W.

A Marketing Pro based in Lewisburg PA. Holly has taken on various roles through out the development of my business. Holly is an excellent photography and business assistant with a love for detail shots and candid moments.

Photo / Video Assistant

The Mission

"To show people how beautiful God created them to be,

by capturing fun and authentic images in beautiful ways."

A friend and I went on an adventure through a meadow, just the two of us and my camera. I took some photos of her, ones that really captured her personality, and her adventuring through with bliss and joy. When we were all done we got back to my car and I showed her the pictures. She started crying.

That was the moment back in 2018 that made me stop and reevaluate what I was doing. I have always loved photography, loved playing around with cameras, and capturing moments to remember. That moment made me switch my focus from a hobby to a mission. I wanted every person to be able to see their worth and their beauty, their dignity and their creation. Every person is made in the image of God.


Angela & Pepper

“Rachel was so amazing to work with! She was unbelievably helpful, kind, and professional. She surely went above and beyond outside her job as a photographer to make sure our day was special and stress free. As a photographer her work is breathtaking and effortless. I’m a very shy person and she managed to make me very comfortable and take such incredible photos”

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