Why Do My People Choose Me?

  1. Comfort -- Each couple chats with me on the phone first. I am an easy going person, bubbly and love to get to know people, their values, and their personalities.
  2. Adventure -- All weddings are adventures in and of themselves, but they come with an engagement adventure (or traditional) session. We get to make new experiences, and create real emotions to capture just by having fun.
  3. Warm Photojournalistic Style -- Each couple has the opportunity to review full galleries to see how I capture the day start to finish as well as my editing in a collection that is curated to show the skill required for their venue type.
  4. Flexible Financing -- Couples can choose to either pay the 30% deposit at booking or start a monthly payment that goes monthly to your wedding date. ($3000/12 = $250 monthly)
  5. Kid & Pet-Friendly -- I have held and cared for kids and pets of all sizes and love them all. I love getting kids excited and helping them have fun while we capture the moments you are dreaming of.
  6. Advocate & Planner -- I love helping out in EVERY way possible to help you have an amazing day. If something is not going right, I will gladly step in (if you are okay with it). I can make you some space to relax and recharge(aka kick people out of the suite), or I can call up the other vendor who ghosted you and pretend I have the authority of a wedding planner (but only if you don't have one of those). Oh, and I also have experience with hair and dresses (I apprenticed at a dress shop).

Some FAVORITE 2023 Moments