Toftrees Golf Resort, State College, PA

Kandi Damiano


Paul DeCusati

April 29th, 2023

A Little something different

There is something special about a wedding day. Perhaps it is the merging of two lives, perhaps the joy of bringing families together.

For this couple, it was not just about them. Paul and Kandi attended the same church for many years prior to their dating, engagement and marriage. For many years they were strangers, going about their daily lives, focused on their family. In late 2019 and early 2020 that all changed. Paul lost his wife and Kandi lost her husband.

Through their time processing their losses they met, not as strangers but as acquaintances, at a mutual friends wedding. Neither expected it to go anywhere as they decided to dance, then (as many others do) got lost in conversation.

When I had the opportunity to meet them together at the Penn State Arboretum, you could tell there was something different in their relationship. They shared a bond of mutual respect, love and understanding. They did not go into this a stranger to what love was, but were able to pour out their loves more fully because of the love they had experienced before.

Something about their relationship changed what I believed and changed my perspective. When I had married my husband, I said even if something had happened to him, I would never re-marry. Now, while I hope nothing ever does happen, I understand why people do. If something happened to me, I would hope that my husband would have someone to take care of his needs, to care for him, to share with him the deep love that we have the ability to experience. To be a representation of Christ's love.

Without further-a-do, I present to you... Kandi & Paul DeCusati's Wedding Photos