Words Cannot Explain It

But I am going to try any way (;

Emma and Cade had the most beautiful wedding at a place not far away, but a large space of land that seems like an oasis compared to most of my weddings this year.

They both had so many friends and family, and a large wedding party that joined them in the most wholesome, authentic joy that I have ever seen. Usually I am not a fan of larger wedding parties, as the larger they get the more drama there is, and more people telling the couple how they should do things. Instead, this large wedding party surrounded the couple in prayer, faith, love and community. They made sure Emma and Cade had the most amazing wedding day and that the focus remained on what was important.

I am excited for this couple as they continue faithfully on toward whatever God has called them to. I hope I have the opportunity to capture future life events with you both.

With Love,

R. A. Eirmann Photography Team (Rachel & Holly)