Clearfield PA Wedding

Heather & Robbie Green

October 21, 2023

If I think back to Heather & Robbie's wedding, the thing that sticks out to me most is how family centered their wedding was. It was not only focused on combining the two lives of Robbie & Heather in marriage, but it was the union and joining of the families.

Heather and Robbie came into their relationship each having sons of their own, Robbie with two boys and Heather with her boy. Something beautiful they did to include them in their day was to make them part of the ceremony. After professing their vows to each other, they invited all three boys to join them in pouring sand into a container to display as a symbol in their home.

The MOST notable moment would go to the dance floor and Heather's son, who obviously accepted Robbie as his dad. He got himself a cookie on a plate, wandered onto the dance floor, finished his cookie, and looked from his mom to Robbie, and walked up to Robbie (who was in the middle of the Mother-Son Dance) and handed him the plate and walked away. Then a minute later came back and took the plate to go get more.