Celebrating & Knowing Love

One of my favorite moments from the wedding ceremony of Emma & Matthew was when the preacher started speaking, and started with something different.

"Most people talk about what 'love' is during a wedding ceremony, but we are going to start off instead with what 'love' isn't" -- Dan

This is something that is important, because in order to know what love is you also have to know what it is not. Love is not selfish, it is not self-seeking, not proud, not easily angered. It is not these things, because these things isolate ourselves and tear our relationships apart.

What love is, is simply the opposite, It IS Selfless, serving others, humble, forgiving, slow to anger, rich in kindness. Don't get me wrong, love can correct people, but it does not shame, abuse, hate, or hold things against. It appreciates the person in who they are and seeks to maintain or grow a relationship.

That is what I hope and pray for you both. I pray you both grow in love, in joy, and in family. I hope life treats you well, but I also hope that when it doesn't that you become the rock for each other to keep you steady and give you peace and wisdom.

P.S. While you cannot download directly from the blog, you will be able to access the gallery to download. Emma & Matthew will have the pins to download. GALLERY LINK AT THE BOTTOM

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