Rainy Day Poconos Wedding

Starting out, this wedding was no different than your average wedding. The ladies stayed upstairs in a room getting hair and makeup done, while I took all of the little details off to the ceremony space to get photos of these important details. Meanwhile, one floor below, my husband Darryl captured candid moments of the guys getting ready... and then watching Willy Wonka.

What made this wedding one of my favorite of the year was the community that was behind both Ashley & Sam. While I have seen many large wedding parties, this one was both large and family-style. While they may not have all been directly related I could tell that Ashley and Sam both treat their friends like family and everyone at the wedding truly felt like a supportive Christian family. I loved the prayer and love that went into making sure that the day was both relaxing and refreshing.

A role I often play is timeline coordinator with the bride and groom. I find that having access to the timeline and allowing my couples to depend on me to know where we are headed next allows us both to be refreshed. This time was no different. To allow for more time, we spent the moments after their reception exit to capture their portraits and I am in love with that.


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