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Should I Do A First Look?

May 31st, 2024 -- Wedding Planning

1. I Am Not Going To Tell You What To Do

There are a lot of things that go into a first look. Beliefs about the wedding ceremony. Traditions amongst your family. Your own emotions. The relationship you have with your (future) spouse. This is purely educational, and I believe that either way you decide, you can have a beautiful, intentional wedding day.

2. What Is A First Look?

A first look, in simplicity, is where the couple sees each other prior to the wedding. They get to see each other before all of the guests get to, and have an opportunity to talk, do wedding party photos, and go into the wedding day together. Some couples even do private vows with their first look to avoid the stage fright of being in front of everyone.

3. Why Would A Couple Do A First Look?

Often couples who are very close will choose to do a first look. They want the opportunity to tell their bride they look beautiful or their groom they look handsome. This time can also give you more time to party and relax later in the day. Because a First Look is done prior to the ceremony, a couple can capture their wedding party photos, bridal party photos, groom party photos, and some times even couples photos prior, and enjoy cocktail hour... Though of course, if your wedding day has a golden sunset, your photographer will definitely sneak you out for it.

Why do people choose to keep their look a secret?

While becoming more popular to share your look with your significant other, for ages people have kept their wedding dress a secret. Part of this has to do with the overall covenant of marriage. Marriage is the most vulnerable thing that someone could ever do, to commit themselves to another broken human until their dying days.

The wedding dress played a huge part in all of this. Marriage is between two people who are committing themselves exclusively to the other, to share the entirety of life with them, to share their flaws, and the most beautiful pieces of their souls. It is the person you shouldn't feel guarded around, and the person you have something special and different with compared to every relationship, friendship, partnership you may have in the rest of the world.

Going into that day where you, finally, get to make that commitment and covenant with someone, you get all dressed up, and you take care to make sure you look your absolute best for them. The wedding dress represents a clean covenant, purity. It is something that is only meant to be worn once, as you enter into a covenant that is only meant to be had once. It is special between the two of you.

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