Intimate Philipsburg Wedding

The Original Wedding Plan

At the beginning of my photography career, I was searching for couples who had a smaller budget and wanted the same quality photography I knew I could provide. Winter 2019, Courtney and Craig contacted me and we chatted for a long time while they shared all of the things they were excited for at their wedding. It would be fall, a barn wedding with the ceremony in a field, all of their family surrounding them.

The Intimate Wedding...

As you could probably guess, Spring came along and ruined all of the plans. Their wedding was no longer going to be at the venue. Their guest count had to shrink because of regulations at the state level, but they first and foremost still wanted to share their lives, so they proceeded with a wedding.

It was an outdoor affair, maybe 20 people total. The closest people attended, their dogs, besties and me. I was honored to capture the backyard wedding when their original wedding plans had changed.