Bucks County, PA Engagement

Ansley & Chris

February 2024

I could just let the photos speak for themselves on this one... but here you are reading, so let me share my obsession with this session!!!

When I first met Ansley & Chris, I knew they were a couple for me. Fearlessly authentic and eternally adventurous. They matched exactly to everything I want to do with photography. Their personalities complement each others' beautifully and I could tell that they had the level of vulnerability and trust with each other that will help their marriage thrive.

Their wedding day this fall is not one that will be super traditional, but more of a family gathering and celebration. It celebrates the two of them and the beautiful family that they love and cherish so much. It is them. Instead of an elaborate venue, they chose something more homey up in the woods of Northeast PA, where they can end the night and still see the stars.

The Proposal

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