Gettysburg Wedding

Klohie & Joseph Plummer

September 16th, 2023

An Invisible String

The first time I met Klohie & Joseph I knew something about them was both beautiful and different. The sheer love they had for each other, and the bold hospitality they had towards me as their photographer made my heart connect with the two of them right away. It wasn't just another session or another adventure. It was the laughing, smiling, confidence and trust that permeated my soul.

Prior to their wedding the two of them grew up in Gettysburg PA area, then proceeded to go to college in the same town and work in the same town, all while remaining ignorant of each other. They both came back to Gettysburg where their lives began, and they met and it was an instant match. I guess you could say that these two Swifties were Tied Together with an Invisible String.

Congratulations to you both on your wedding, and I wish you all the adventure life has to offer, and all the Pittsburg Steeler's Wins your hearts can consume.