Rose Valley Lake, Trout Run Engagement

Zach & Citti Schon

EST. OCTOBER 30, 2021

"We Don't Have Time for An Engagement Session"

It was the fall of 2021, I was getting ready to move when Dawn called me. Her son didn't have a photographer for his wedding, and I had the weekend available. Within a day they were booked and ready to go. What wasn't normal was that I didn't have a chance to meet them before the wedding day. Often times, I will book an engagement session, or coffee date with a couple to get to know them before their wedding, so I can serve them better.

Since I did not have that opportunity, they were offered a post-wedding engagement session so I could still get to know them more. Citti and Zach are super wonderful people and they also have a pup named Diesel, who is not pictured here.

If you get the chance, wish them a happy 7 month anniversary, and check out the photos below. They were excited, and I hope you will be also!

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