Montour Preserve, Danville PA Engagement

Emma Boyer & Cade Devlin

June 4th, 2022

A Love Fostered by LBC

Emma and Cade are college sweethearts. They met during college at Lancaster Bible College and started talking as friends. Both of them are from North-Central PA/North Eastern PA. Cade graduated a few semesters before Emma, and they got engaged during one of her last semesters.

Cade and Emma are some of the sweetest people I have had the opportunity to photograph. Their love and respect for each other are beautiful, and the way he loves her is perfect.

During our engagement session, we went out on an adventure, like usual. Montour Preserve in Danville, PA lended itself quite well to the engagement session of our dreams. The sun magically lowering during the session, the bugs going away, the gentle breeze, and the little intimate places where we could go to get close to the lake, and for them to get close to each other.

We ended the session with a long conversation about the gospel, about ministries, and about their plans after college. As the conversation ended, we wrapped up photos by capturing just a few of watching this perfect sunset.

Part ONE - Overlook

01 / 11

Part TWO - Cove

01 / 22

Part THree - Flowers

part four - sunset

01 / 14